COVID-19 Update-You may register now and if courses are not able to be held in person at you will be able to take the same class at the same time live virtually via zoom at home.

For all Zoom classes- you will get a Zoom invite 30 minutes prior to the class starting via email.

Teenage and Adult Comprehensive Driver Education Program

Nathan's Driving School, Inc. is pleased to be able to offer a comprehensive driver's education program. The class is held over four or five days totaling thirty hours of instruction. It is taught by state licensed instructors who are well trained, patient, and understanding.


The basic course is a combination of thirty (30) hours of class instruction and a minimum of six (6) hours of private in-car instruction. We also offer an expanded programs as needed for the individual student up to forty hours or more. The basic program satisfies the requirements of the Joshua Law.   For recommendations of how many hours of behind the wheel your student might need click here. Students who complete the program successfully also have the option to take the road test with us. 

Interested students should sign up promptly. We must have a minimum of five students for the class to be held and the class size for each session is limited to twenty. 

Important Class Information: 

Students enrolling in any of our weekend sessions MUST attend all portions of the curriculum and complete the entire 30 hours.  

  • Schedules listed on the website are for classroom time ONLY.

  • The Behind the Wheel in car lessons are by appointment only and subject to availability on a first come first serve basis.

  • All in car lessons are taught in 2 hour segments. 

  • We start and end the lesson from the student's location of choice with parental approval and direction.

  • Behind the wheel lessons and road tests are by appointment only and subject to availability on a first come first serve basis.

  • Students must have a valid Learners Permit in order to take Behind The Wheel lessons.

  • We work with students with all levels of abilities and needs. Please let us know if you have a special need, requirement and/or anything we should know in advance to help you have the best and most productive lesson possible. We have certain instructors who specialize in certain areas so please do inform us! 

Important Class Information

  • 5 day classes are scheduled from 9AM-3:30PM weekdays

  • 4 day classes are scheduled from 9AM-5PM weekdays/weekends

Our Chamblee location is equipped with a refrigerator and microwave, so feel free to bring your lunch.

We are also located within walking distance of several fast food & small restaurants.

We offer Teenage Driver's Education at our Chamblee/Brookhaven (main office) and Roswell/Alpharetta locations

Click the appropriate button to be taken to the specific locations to register


Chamblee/Brookhaven Weekend and Holiday  Classes

April 2020

April 4th-5th and April 18th-19th

(Virtual E-Learning Class)

Spring Break Class

April 6th-10th

(Virtual E-Learning Class)

May 2020

May 2nd-3rd and May 16th-17th

Summer Registrations are available. Please check with your specific school to see if a course is being offered there prior to enrolling at our location.

If you are interested in us holding special session or a session at your school, please reach out. We will hold a session here or at your location for a group for five or more.

Contact Rachel/Nathan for questions.

770-454-9100 Office

404-409-4566 Mobile


Roswell/Alpharetta Weekend and Holiday Classes​

Spring Break Class

April 6th-10th (Virtual E-Learning Class)

May 2020

May 9th-10th and May 23rd-24th

Most of your questions can be answered by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions section.

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Behind The Wheel Hour Recommendations

2 hours            -   Recommended for people who need just a refresher and/or an experience driving on Georgia roads

 4 hours            -    Recommended for drivers who have already had extensive practice and have specific requests (such as 

                                or highway driving)

 6 hours            -    Recommended for driver's who need basic skill practice, parking skill practice and who have driven before. Also  

                               required by DDS for students to take the state road test directly with us.

 8 hours             -  Recommended for people who need more practice with basic skills, parking skills, highway driving and test prep

 10 hours         - Recommended for novice drivers who have not driven before and need to learn car basics, the rules of the road

                            and a more comprehensive experience. This is the minimum we recommend for teenage drivers and includes time

                            or consultation with parent/guardian

 12 hours          - Recommended for people who need some extra time and practice beyond the minimum . Recommended for

                             international drivers who are new to driving in the United States.

 20 hours         - Recommended for new drivers who need all the basic skills, parking, highway driving, test prep and extensive

                           practice and more experiences (including night driving)

 30 hours          -Recommended for any student who is a novice driver and has specific needs and needs a lot of practice with the

                             safety and guidance from learning with a licensed instructor.

 40 hours        - Recommended for drivers who need more extensive practice over time in a consistent manner.  Recommended  

                            for students who will not have the opportunity to have extensive driving practice at home with family.

Phone                                                               (770) 454-9100  Main Office

678-448-4634  Roswell/Alpharetta Location

AFTER HOURS and Emergency Numbers During Quarantine:  770-882-8541 





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