By checking that you have read these before payment, you are agreeing to them so please take the time to read. 


Please see specific terms for changing courses, cancellations and refunds.  

 Comprehensive Driver’s Education/Teens/Adults/Bioptic

1. I understand that the minimum number of students for any session is 5. If the class in which I am enrolling has not reached the minimum number of students, I understand that I will be asked to enroll in a different class or ask to have the enrollment payment returned. I must decide within five business days if I want to enroll in a different class or receive my enrollment payment returned.

2. I understand I have 5 business days before the beginning of a scheduled class to reschedule with a $25.00 course change fee.  I understand I cannot transfer to another class without a minimum of 5 days of notice or in any case, I will receive no refund.

3. In order to preserve the integrity of our program and the safety of our students, any type of behavioral problem, with any other student or instructor, may result in the dismissal from the course. The full tuition and any remaining classroom or in-car lessons will be forfeited if you are expelled from a class due to behavior. 

4. Attendance for all 30 hours of classroom activities is required. If a student misses 1 scheduled sessions, we will allow you to schedule a make-up session on an available class date with a $25.00 rescheduling fee. If a student misses more than 3 days of scheduled sessions, the entire classroom portion must start over from the beginning, and you must pay $100 as the administration fee to re-enroll. It is the parent/guardians responsibility for payment whether or not your student makes the appointments or misses a class. 

5. Students are not permitted to leave early or come late. There are no exceptions. State rule! We are a highly regulated industry and we operate with integrity. We value all of our clients and staff members and we will not bend the rules for anyone! 

6. Students who have attended all sessions and passed the exam will be issued a certificate either for the thirty hour only or a 30/6 if they are taking behind the wheel lessons as well. Any student not passing the final exam with at least a score of 70 will not be issued a certificate of Completion. The student will be required to attend a two hour tutoring session with a re-take exam for a fee of $160.00. If the student does not pass a second time, they may choose to retake the entire course for half off the course ($99.50) the entire 30 hours of classroom. 

7. Students may not schedule their behind the wheel sessions until after they have completed in class portion first. 

8. I understand that the state of Georgia's required Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program (ADAP) is NOT part of this course but is available for free online at the DDS website.  

9. I understand that the student has 6 months from the signing date of the contract to complete the entire program (30hrs classrooms and behind the wheel). If the student fails to do so, I understand that the remaining hours and the tuition paid will be forfeited. The student will not receive any credit for the course, and that no Certificate of Completion will be issued.

10. Textbooks remain property of Nathan's Driving School, Inc. Students who damage or lose textbooks will be charged $30 for replacement. The Certificate of Completion will not be issued until this fee has been paid.  

11. Appointments for behind-the-wheel lessons may be canceled or rescheduled with at least 72 hours notice for no charge. If between 24-72 hours, a $50 rescheduling/cancellation fee will be required. If 24 hours or less/same day.or no shows the student will be charged an additional $100 for the two-hour missed lesson. This fee must be paid PRIOR to any other scheduled lessons being taken or the "missed" lesson being rescheduled. We understand medical emergencies and if you have a letter/excuse from a doctor’s office, you will not be charged.  Please remember, our Instructors work hard and if you miss or cancel a lesson with less than 72 hours, they lose their time and you take up time that could have gone to another student. We are a small business and this is our livelihood so we have a very strict cancellation policy.  Our instructors may have to cancel lessons or rearrange if they have a need arises. We will attempt to do any changes with as little inconvenience as possible to you and work with you. If any lessons are canceled because of us, we will reschedule at no charge and/or give you an additional lesson at no charge.

12.  It is the parent/guardians responsibility for payment whether or not the student makes the appointments, cancels or misses a class without informing you. It is not up to us to keep up with their schedules and and communicate between you and your child, it is their responsibility and yours. 

13.  We always want to make sure our vehicles are safe and maintain them. If an issue arises with a vehicle either right before or during a lesson, we may have to cancel but you will receive another full lesson at no charge. We always want our instructors and clients safe.  

ROAD TEST with Nathan's.

Eligibility-    1.- AS OF JANUARY 1st 2020, Any student over 17 that takes six hours of in car lessons (three lessons) may take the state road test directly with us. This is NOT retroactive to lessons prior to Jan. 1st 2020.

                      2.- Students under 17 that have successfully completed the six hours of in car lessons at Nathan's class and thirty hours of classroom at Nathan’s, online or elsewhere, are eligible to be administered the State Road Test at a Nathan's facility. If the student's first attempt fails, we will allow a second try free of charge, with the purchase of a 2 hours refresher lesson at a discounted rate of $99.00 or you can pay for a second road test at the regular rate or go to DDS. 

3. If the student lost the Learner's Permit and got it reissued, you MUST obtain an MVR (Motor Vehicle Report) from the Georgia Department of Driver Services to verify the original issue date of the learner's permit. We MUST have the MVR before the student will be allowed to take the road test. You can print this report online on www.dds.ga.gov

4. Road Test must be scheduled AT LEAST 2 weeks in advance. Once a date is scheduled, it may be changed if there is eight or more days notice in advance. We have to turn in a report to the state on Fridays by noon for the following week. No changes or cancellations can be made after this and NO refunds will be given (nor for no shows).  

5. A parent or guardian must bring you for your road test if you are under the age of 18. 

6. You must have a learners permit on you,  the six hour certificate and if under 17 your certificate for the 30 hour course.  

7. The DMV will also require you to have the adap certificate, a letter from your school and parent affidavits to get your license along with your certificate of passing the road test.


1. You must make your own appointment and are responsible for all paperwork that is required by the Department of Driver Services. Click Here for their website. https://dds.georgia.gov/provisional-drivers-license-class-d

2. You must ask us at last 72 hours in advance for any paperwork you need from us. Calling us from the DMV at the time of your test is not going to get you what you need. *DO  NOT WAIT UNTIL THE DAY OF YOUR TEST TO ASK FOR THIS! IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED IT, YOU MUST ASK AT LEAST 72 HR. BEFORE YOUR TEST for us to get it to you and for it to appear in the state system. While we will try to help when able, your lack of planning is not our emergency. 

3. All minors must have a parent or guardian go or fill out an affidavit for our instructors to take them to the DMV. 

4. You can register and schedule to use our vehicles for the road test and an instructor will pick you up, let you drive there and you can sign up for a practice lesson right before the test. You are responsible for all paperwork and having your learners permit with you to do this. No refunds will be given if you are unable to take the test because you did not have the documents needed. 

 Defensive Driving Course DDC and ARRIVE ALIVE @ 25 

1. We must have at least five students register for and attend for a class to be held. We will call you in advance if the class doe not have enough students and will also post online that it has been cancelled.

2. If given notice 24 hours in advance, Students may reschedule once for a $25.00 change fee. 

3. You must arrive on time! We cannot let you in if you are late as the state does not allow this.

4. If you no show or are late there is no refund or rescheduling.

5. Walk-ins are welcome and may pay at the door but we may not have a class if we did not have two students register already. Check the website prior to arriving if you want to be a walk-in.

6. Our instructors our human and If we have to cancel, you will be offered a full refund and a full class at no charge. We will also provide any court documents for you but you should also plan on taking this at least weeks before your court date. 

7. ***You must register for and pay the correct amount for Defensive Driving DDC. The State of Georgia regulates the fee for DDC classes for court ordered, ticket reduction, reinstatement, traffic violations to $95.00. You must register for and pay this amount. If you register for insurance only, your certificate will not be accepted by the Department of Driver Services or the court system. When you arrive for class, you will have to sign a contract: Look at what you are signing to insure you are taking the class for the correct intended reason. It is posted in the classroom and the instructors will inform you. We cannot go back and change this once the class is over and certificates are issued. If you sign up for the wrong class reason when registering, you will have to repay and take the course again. This is the state rule.

Administrative Fee​

1. As stated above, any class changes that are within the allotted allowed time period will incur an administrative fee of $25.00

2. Any duplicate copies or requests for documentation that has previously been issued will incur a $25.00 administrative fee (as we have to go back to find files, make copies, find information on our systems and state systems and spend time getting this for you).







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