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We are Atlanta's dedicated professionals!

NATHAN'S is an active member of the National Safety Council, The National Rehabilitation Association and the Driving School Association of the Americas. We have been licensed by the State of Georgia since 1986.

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A Passion for Saving Lives

Here at Nathan's Driving School Inc, we offer our students a comprehensive learning environment, with a variety of support and services that are delivered with a passion for saving lives through education. Since 1986, Nathan's Driving School Inc has been instilling knowledge in students from the Atlanta area and beyond. Our team members will go the extra mile to give our students the tools needed to become safe drivers. 

How We Got Started 

Yes, there really is a Nathan and he has nothing to do with hot dogs. Nathan Lewit has spent more than 40 years dedicated to this industry.  He originally started his career in drivers education as an instructor in the early 80s.  What started out in Nathan's living room has steadily grown into a respected local, long-standing business. Nathan had a passion for the work back that he has passed down through his company that he still, alongside family, runs today.
At Nathan's we believe that everyone should be giving the opportunity to become safe, defensive drivers.

Many of our experienced instructors started with Nathan's years ago. We are now teaching the children of former students and know what a privilege this is and also a great responsibility for us as we train and work with each generation of drivers to provide the best instruction and experience. 

We know that drivers education is important to saving lives.

Our Credentials


Nathan's Driving School is the only school in Georgia that currently is and has been a member of the National Safety Council, the Driving School Association of the Americas, and licensed 
by the State of Georgia since 1986.

Other companies rely on 3rd party websites that are paid to ensure only the best feedback is displayed. Nathan's relies on word of mouth by our customers and friends and family. Nathan himself is often stopped in the store or while out on a run, greeted and told, "Hey you taught me to drive !" ...We hope we can serve you and make you are part like you to become part of our story and family...    


We are bonded, certified and licensed by the State of Georgia and have been continuously since 1986. 

​State of Georgia Certificate numbers:
  DUI Alcohol or drug use risk reduction program: RRP630
  Driver Training School: DT: 040
  Driver Improvement Clinic (Chamblee) DI801, (Roswell) DI844 DI-
  3rd party testing site: TPT040