Frequently asked questions

What does the program include?

The basic comprehensive driver education program consists of 30 hours of classroom activities and 6 (or 8+) hours of private in-car lessons. The State of Georgia's required Alcohol & Drug Awareness Program (or ADAP) is NOT part of this course because it is taught as part of the health course at your school. It is available for free online under the DDS website as e-adap. We do have instructors certified for school wide needs. Certificates of Completion for the comprehensive course cannot be issued until all 30 hours of classroom activities have been completed, the final exam has been successfully passed, and the 6 (or 8) horus of behind-the-wheel instruction have been completed (if purchased together).

How much does the course cost?

Our Current 2021 Pricing and Packages are below. We offer a variety of options: 30 hr classroom / 6 btw $500.00 Basic 30 hr classroom / 8 btw $640.00 Bronze
30 hr classroom / 10 btw with road test $835.00 Silver 30 hr classroom / 12 btw with road test $925.00 Gold 30 hr classroom / 20 btw with road test $1475.00 Platinum
30 hr classroom / 40 btw with road test $2,475.00 Diamond Road Test Add on $75.00 (Must be at time of package purchase, included in larger packages) Road Test Added Later $100.00 Student Notebook Fee: $5.00 Service Fee for All Programs $25.00 Virtual Classroom Only Option $200.00

Does my student have to have his or her learner's permit before beginning the course?

Although a student can take the classroom portion of the course prior to having his or her learner's permit, he or she MUST have his or hear permit before starting any of his or her in-car lessons (and must have them on them at the time of the lesson)

How do I enroll for the course?

You can enroll online directly from this page of the website. Or you can call our office to enroll and we can walk you though the onlines steps. All our contracts are digital now so you must have internet access to register. We have computer in our main office if you need to use them to register. Contact is at 770-454-9100 for help.

When can I enroll for the course?

Enrollment for any session is available prior to the first day of class until the maximum number of students is reached (depends on our facility and any private facilities we teach at)

When do I pay for the course?

Full payment must accompany the enrollment and is due prior to the start of courses or lessons. Payment plans are available (may be split into two). Payment will be due in full prior to any final days of class or lessons. We use paypal for our invoicing and you can use any credit card and do not have to have a paypal account to pay. You may also pay cash or check in person.

What methods of payment are accepted?

Credit card Debit card Paypal Cash or Check - in person at the office

Will I receive confirmation that the enrollment has been accepted?

As soon as the completed enrollment form has been received, a receipt will be emailed to you directly from paypal and our site. If you pay in person, we will have you sign the contract in office and you will get a copy. If you do not get a copy of a reciept from paypal or are having any issues with payment online, please call the office between 9-5 M-F and we will process payment over the phone.

If I pay for the course and then decided not to take it, can I get a refund?

We do not offer refunds. However, you can reschedule for the following session for a $25.00 change fee. No refunds will be issued if the student stops attending classes or is expelled.

How many students are in a class?

The maximum number of students for any classroom is 20. Early enrollment is encouraged. Please keep in mind that there must be at least 5 students enrolled for any session in order for the session to be held. Private schools may vary their classes sizes depending on need and space available.

How long do I have to complete the course?

Both courses must be completed within 6 months. If you do not complete, please understand that the remaining hours and the tuition paid will be forfeited, and that the student willl not receive any credit for the course and no Certificate of Completion will be issued.

What if a classroom session is missed?

All missed classroom sessions must be made up. There is a $25.00 charge to schedule a make up class. If a student misses more than 7 1/2 hours of the classroom, then he or she MUST start the entire classroom portion of the course over from the beginning and pay an additional $100 re-enrollment fee. The classroom instructor will advise students who miss classroom sessions as to what they need to do to make up the missed sessions. Please do not schedule a class if you know in advance you will miss. Treat this class as you would any other important class as you are learning a crucial life school.

How does the schedule for the behind-the-wheel lessons work?

All in car sessions must be scheduled after the classroom portion has been completed. You may contact the main office at 770-454-9100 to schedule the behind-the-wheel lessons. The behind-the-wheel lessons are scheduled in two-hour sessions increments. All lessons begin and end at one of our two locations. If you live far from or location or need pick up service, we can travel to you for a travel fee that is subject to location. The sessions are strictly private (one student and one instructor), and are available 7 days a week, and are provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

What if a behind-the-wheel lesson is missed?

Appointments for behind-the-wheel lessons may be rescheduled with at least 72 hours notice for no charge. If between 24-71 hours, a $50 rescheduling/cancellation fee will be required. If 24 hours or less/same day or no shows the student will be charged an additional $100 for the two-hour missed lesson. This fee must be paid PRIOR to any other scheduled lessons being taken or the "missed" lesson being rescheduled. We understand medical emergencies and if you have a letter/excuse from a doctor’s office, you will not be charged. Please remember, our Instructors work hard and if you miss or cancel a lesson with less than 72 hours, they lose their time and you take up time that could have gone to another student. We are a small business and this is our livelihood so we have a very strict cancellation policy.

Once the student has successfully completed the driver education program, can he/she take his/her driving test at Nathan's Driving School?

For those under 18, as long as he or she has had his or her permit for at least one year and one day, and has successfully completed the 30 hours of classroom and 6 or more hours of in-car lessons, then he/she can take their driving test with Nathan's Driving School. The test is given in a Nathan's Driving School car, and the tests are given even if it is raining - unlike the Dept of Driver Services locations. We offer the test on a limited schedule at our offices in Chamblee and in Roswell. We can also now offer the road test on site to anyone over 18 who has taken lessons with us as of 7/1/2021.

What if Nathan’s cancels a course?

Canceled courses and schedule changes may occur. Nathan’s reserves the right to change the class schedule and or cancel classes due to lack of enrollment or otherwise. You will be offered the option to switch classes at no charge if this occurs and/or get a full refund. Our instructors may have to cancel lessons or rearrange if they have a need arises. We will attempt to do any changes with as little inconvenience as possible to you and work with you. If any lessons are canceled within 24 hours of the lesson because of us, we will reschedule at no charge and/or refund you for the lesson.

What happens if I lost my certificate or any other documentation from Nathan's?

Any duplicate copies or requests for documentation that has previously been issued will incur a $25.00 administrative fee (as we have to go back to find files, make copies, find information on our systems and state systems and spend time getting this for you). If you need information that is more than three years old, we will do our best to get it to you. We hold physical files and information for three years from the date of service and keep electronic files as long as possible.

What do we need to bring with us to get a driver's license at the Department of Driver Services.

Proof of Identification: State Issued Learner's permit, Current Passport or birth certificate Proof of Residency: Two service bills with your addresss Teenage Drivers must present: A school attendance record A certificate of completion of the ADAP or eADAP course from their school (we do not teach it, it is taught in a health class and/or available for free online at the department of driver services website A certificate of completion of Joshua Law requirements (certificate of a completion of a driver's ed course and six hours on the road Parent affidivit of completion of 40 hours of driving including night driving (guardian will be asked to sign that this has been done at the DDS location). Teens must have a legal guardian with them or notarized affidavit that a guardian has been assigned to take them (such as a driving instructor)