Our Virtual Live classes are for students who need or desire remote learning with a live instructor and other students to interact with. The curriculum for our virtual remote learning is the same as in person. We use Zoom as our platform. You will get a zoom invite the evening prior to the class starting via email.

We need at least 5 students to hold a class. If we do not have enough students enrolled, we will cancel the week prior and will contact you.

You must complete the entire thirty hours to get your certificate and makeups are only offered for emergencies and are subject to availability


9am-5pm Weekends and Four Days Courses

After school Programs Hours Vary

For Class You Will Need:

Internet Access

A device such as an tablet or computer

Audio on a device or headphones

Something to take notes and write with 






Virtual Fall Session I  - August 8/20-8/21 & 8/27-8/28

Four Day Weekend Course (Sat/Sun)


Virtual Fall Session II  - September 9/3/9/4 & 9/10-9/11

Four Day Weekend Course (Sat/Sun)


Virtual III Virtual Fall Session  - October 10/8-10/9 & 10/15-10/16

Four Day Weekend Course (Sat/Sun)


Virtual Fall Session IV  - November 11/11-11/12 & 11/19-11/20

Four Day Weekend Course (Sat/Sun)


Fall Session V  - December 12/10-12/11 & 12/17-12/18

Four Day Weekend Course (Sat/Sun)

Winter Break Holiday Course December 27th-30th

Four Day Course (Tues/Wed/Thur/Fri)