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Georgia's Driver's Education Grant Scholarship Program
Includes 30 hours of classroom, six hours if behind the wheel lessons and for all of our scholarship students, we offer a free road test onsite

The Georgia Driver's Education Grant Scholarship Program is awarded according to pre-determined criteria.  

To know if you qualify, CLICK HERE

Application is Here

Important Information

Updated March 2022

The updated new site to apply is:

Once you access the page, click on student login and create a new account if you have not applied already. You will receive a decision via email with either a voucher code or a rejection.

Once you receive your voucher code, you will need to enroll in the class of your choice. Once the class is completed, you may schedule your behind the wheel lessons. Once those are completed, you may schedule your free road test.

Call us at 770-454-9100 or email

Please note, that according to state regulation, we are not allowed to administer road tests to students using in-car adaptive equipment or bioptics lenses. 

Contact us before proceeding if you have any special needs.

You may also fill out the form below, so that we can assist you during the registration process. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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