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Nathan's Driving School

We are happy to be able to provide our services to the Georgia Coast

This includes the areas of Brunswick, St. Simons, Jekyll Island and St. Marys

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Defensive Driving
We are able to offer Defensive Driving (DDC) courses for insurance reduction. You call us and let us know when and where you would like a course to be held and we can arrange for our instructor to come to you. We must have a minimum of ten students. We can provide this service for companies as well as individuals in a group setting (such as a church, local insurance agency, senior center)
For court ordered tickets, you can sign up for our remote classes here (the state sets the fee and they must be done remotely via our Atlanta office).

Behind the Wheel Lessons
We offer 1:1 private behind the wheel lessons for driving instructors. All of our lessons are two hours long and are taught by licensed instructors. We offer home and school pick up within the Brunswick/St. Simons areas and can meet you if you live outside of these areas for lessons. You can purchase lessons in two hour increments or as part of a package. Please see the pricing on the form below.

Road Test at DDS
We offer two options for taking the road test at DDS. You may sign up for a refresher lesson (one hour) with home pickup and a road test at DDS or simply a road test at DDS using our vehicle with home pick up and drop off. You must already have a date scheduled with DDS prior to making an appointment with us.

Comprehensive Teenage Drivers Education (Joshua Law)
We offer the full thirty hour Joshua law comprehensive drivers education course remotely via zoom. Once you have completed this course, we offer 1:1 behind the wheel lessons with home or school pick up in the Brunswick/St. Simons area. Our basic program is the 30/6 which gives you a 30/6 certificate that satisfies the driver education requirement of the Joshua law. You can also take just the course or just the six hours for separate certificate.

We offer the National Safety Council's Alive@25 program remotely via zoom. This program is often required by traffic courts.

International Student Programs
Learning to drive in the United States is different than other counties. We help students, even students who already know how to drive and have a license from another country, prepare to drive safely here. We work with individuals, organizations and companies to help students and employees who have relocated to the United States.

Senior Evaluations
There are times where either family members or medical professionals have concerns about an individuals ability to continue driving with aging. We offer senior evaluations that consist of observation while driving and a written report that can be given to family members or medical professionals.

Medical Evaluations
We also offer medical evaluations. These evaluations are for individuals who have a medical reason for a need of observation. This could be due to trauma, a stroke, epilepsy etc.  The evaluation includes observation of driving and a written report.

Bioptic Driver Education
We have experience working with students who utilize bioptic devices for driving. Students are able to take our thirty hour course remotely via zoom from our experienced licensed instructors and then take 1:1 private behind the wheel driving lessons. We complete the DDS required bioptic checklist and also issue you a 30/6 certificate upon successful completion of the program.

Learners Permit Tutoring
For students that need assistance preparing for and passing the DDS Learners Permit test, we offer private tutoring options. All tutoring sessions are held either in a library or a mutual agreed upon public location and then finish with a trip to DDS to take the exam.

Road Test at DDS
Arrive Alive @ 25
Teenage Drivers Ed
Registratio Form
Senior Evaluation
International Students
Medical Eval

Program Registration for behind the wheel lessons
For defensive driving classes for court via remote please follow this link (DDC). For private insurance only defensive driving classes, please call 770-458-3695 (To speak with Michelle Stasko, our Coastal Georgia  liaison). For all our other programs, please register via the main service pages and call our office to schedule. We are here to serve.

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