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Driving Evaluations

People may require a driver evaluation for a number of reasons:
•    Pre-employment screening for fields that require driving skills (such as deliveries, couriers, those who provide transportation for clients, nannies and caregivers etc.)
•    Evaluations are sometimes needed for medical reasons as a person recovers from a medical issue.
•    Some people may be required to have a written evaluation by a licensed professional in order to obtain or maintain their driver's license.
•    Other times, we receive requests for Senior Evaluations for senior citizens (either requested on their own personal request or at the request of a doctor or a family member.

At Nathan's Driving School we are very experienced in conducting objective driver evaluations. Our patient and understanding instructors are trained to observe your physical abilities, decision-making, and social skills to determine whether or not you operate a motor vehicle safely during the evaluation time. Minor adjustments in driving habits could be suggested, and in some cases, a few lessons may be suggested.

Once our instructor has finished the evaluation, he or she will verbally review his or her observations with you, reassure you of your ability to drive and/or will make suggestions about adjustments that should be made in your driving techniques. If he or she feels that it would be appropriate for you to take a couple of hours of driving lessons as a refresher, he or she will also recommend that.
Within two days of the evaluation, the instructor will prepare a written report that will be mailed, emailed or faxed to you at your convenience, and to anyone else that you require us to send it to. This written report will detail the observations of the instructor and will include any suggestions regarding your driving habits. Reports are strictly confidential.
The evaluation time in the car is approximately one hour. All evaluations begin and end at one of our two locations. If you live far from or location or need pick up service, we can travel to you for a travel fee that is dependent on your location.


At the Dealership
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