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Please See the Dates Below for our Classes Available

at our Chamblee/Brookhaven location

The classes below are for our in person sessions. We will also offer courses virtually live and you can click here for those dates. Please check your dates and location time on your confirmation when registering. There is a fee to switch classes. For individual schools, please check your school's specific website for registration. For a private class, please contact the office directly.



May 2023

Spring Session II- May 13th-14th and 20th-21st (Sat/Sun)

Summer Session I-  May 30th-June 2nd (Four Days) FULL

June 2023

Summer Session II- June 5th-9th (Mon-Fri) FULL

Summer Session III- June 12th-16th (Mon-Fri) FULL

Summer Session IV- June 19th-23rd (Mon-Fri) FULL

Summer Session V- June 26th-30th (Mon-Fri)

Cellphones will be on silent and under the seats during instruction and no airpods/headphones are allowed. Bring lunch or money M-Thurs. We will have pizza and drinks for all students on Fridays to celebrate the end of the course.

July 2023

Summer Session VI- July 5th-8th (Four Days) (Wed-Sat)

Summer Session VII- July 10th-14th (Mon-Fri)

Summer Session VIII- July 17th-21st (Mon-Fri)

Summer Session IX- July 24th-28th (Mon-Fri)

Summer Session X- July 31st-August 4th (Mon-Fri)

August 2023

Summer Session XI- August 7th-11th (Mon-Fri)

Summer Session XII- August 5th-6th and 12th-13th (Sat/Sun)


9am-5pm weekends and during  four day programs

9:00AM-3:30PM For five day classes


To Bring to Class


Wear layers

Water bottle


Lunch or money if you intend to go off location.

*Students are responsible for themselves during this time


If you have any questions or need help with registering, please contact us via email or phone and we will be happy to assist you.


770-454-9100 or

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