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Nathan’s has been certified by the DDS to conduct the Georgia driver’s license road test!!  That’s right, rather than registering with and traveling to the DDS, you can take your road test directly with Nathan’s.

All students 17 and under who successfully complete the 30/6 driver’s training course (thirty hour class and minimum of six hours behind the wheel) with us may take the state road test for a GA driver's license directly at Nathan’s. (Students who completed a driver’s training course at another school may take the road test at Nathan’s upon presentation of a 30/6 Certificate and after completion of one behind the wheel lesson at Nathan’s.  And adults 18 and over may take the road test with us as long as they have had at least one lesson with us.

A road test can be added on to any package of six hours or more for a discounted rate ($100). The normal rate for a road test is $140.  See below to register.

Using Nathan’s at the DDS

Nathan’s also offers the use of its vehicles (along with an instructor) for use to take a road test at the DDS.  This service includes a one hour lesson immediately before the DDS road test.  We provide service to most DDS locations. (*Students must schedule their road test directly with the DDS on their own.  Once you have your appointment with DDS you can schedule with us, but we typically need at least 2 weeks notice). All minors must have a parent or guardian accompany them to the DDS or fill out an affidavit and release allowing a Nathan’s instructor to take them to DDS. See below to register.

Onsite Road Test at Nathans 


1.- As of July 1st 2021, Any student over 18 with a valid GA learners permit may take the state road test with us. You must take at least one lesson with us prior to scheduling an exam as a Nathan's policy. This is not retroactive to lessons prior to July 1st 2021. The cost is $140. If added on to a classroom or behind the wheel package, it is $100.00

2.- Students under 18 that have successfully completed the six hours of in car lessons and thirty hours of classroom at Nathan’s, online or elsewhere, are eligible to be administered the State Road Test at a Nathan's facility. If the student's first attempt fails, you may schedule and pay for a second road test at the regular rate or go to DDS. We will allow a second try free of charge with the purchase of a one hour refresher lesson at a discounted rate of $140.00 or you.

3. If the student lost the Learner's Permit and got it reissued, you MUST obtain an MVR (Motor Vehicle Report) from the Georgia Department of Driver Services to verify the original issue date of the learner's permit. We MUST have the MVR before the student will be allowed to take the road test. You can print this report online on    We cannot make exceptions for anyone.

4. Road Test must be scheduled AT LEAST 2 weeks in advance. Once a date is scheduled, it may not be changed. We have to turn in a report to the state on Wednesdays by noon for the following week. No changes or cancellations can be made after this and NO refunds will be given if you cannot test because you do not have your permit or if you no shows.  

5. A parent or guardian must bring you for your road test if you are under the age of 18. 

6. You must have a learners permit on you, your 30 hour and the six hour certificate  if under 18

7. DDS will also require you to have the adap certificate, a letter from your school and parent affidavits to get your license along with your certificate of passing the road test if you are under 18.

If you have any questions or need to schedule please email Attn: Road Test

Road Test Off-Site With Nathan's at a DDS Facility


To schedule an appointment for your test, please call the Department of Driver Services at (678) 413-8400 or visit

We serve a wide area of locations, classified by distance, as follow:

AlpharettaNorcross, Decatur, North Cobb, Marietta,

Lawrenceville, Forest Park, Lithonia or from our

Brunswick office to the local DDS

Canton, Conyers, Covington, Fayetteville

Locust Grove, Newnan, Cumming

For DDS Requirements and Documentation Needed for a Road Test (with them or with us) are listed on the link below.

To register for your road test in these areas click the button below

Price are:

Road Test with Refresher $340.00 Priced based on 4 hours allotted appointment

To register for your road test in these areas click the button below. Price are:

Road Test with Refresher $390.00 Priced based on 4 hour allotted appointment

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