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International Student Driver

International Drivers Education

Since 1986, Nathan's Driving School has been teaching thousands of people from different countries to drive safely.  We are a full service driving school that will help you obtain your learner's permit, teach you to drive a car, help you learn Atlanta's roads and prepare you to test you for your GA drivers license.

Our friendly and skillful instructors will make learning to drive a positive experience. If you speak a another language, you may also bring along an interpreter if necessary and there is no extra charge for that.  If you do not have a permit, we offering tutoring and can help you obtain it. If you have license or permit from another country, we can do behind the wheel testing with you. You will have to obtain a Georgia Driver's License if you are to reside here for more than 30 days.

We also offer evaluations for corporations and organizations who need to know about driver abilities and we offer on-site corporate classes and corporate discounts. Please call us for more information- 770-454-9100.

Select the Package that is Right for You

You can sign up for a combination of classroom and behind  the wheel course. When you select the combination package of classroom and behind the wheel, we can administer the Georgia road test to you for your Driver's License upon completion of the course. (6 hours of behind the wheel needed for adults, 30 hours of classroom and a minimum of 6 hours behind the wheel for those under the age of seventeen).

Our behind the wheel packages start with a minimum of 6 hours and go up in 2 hour increments, the more hours you purchase, the better the price.

All driving times and classes are by appointment only.  You can purchase online and then call us at 770-454-9100 to schedule your appointment.

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