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Defensive Driving Classes 


Nathan's Driving School, Inc is licensed and approved by the Georgia Department of Driver Services.
(Chamblee/Brookhaven License Number 0801 and Roswell/Alpharetta License Number 0844) to teach defensive driving courses. These courses help with Point Reduction, Reinstatement, Court Issues and can also be used to reduce insurance premiums .

Nathan's Driving School offers both the National Safety Council's Defensive Driving Classes, which is recognized and accepted in Georgia and several states nationally and the Driver Educators Association of Georgia Driving program . If needed for out of state, please verify with the specific courts before registering on what is accepted and verify with us which course is being taught.

Registration is completed online. You must complete the registration entirely (contract and payment) before you are considered registered for the class. You will receive a confirmation for both the registration and payment.  If you have any questions or need assistance with registering, please call the office at 770-454-9100 or email our office at and put defensive driving in the subject line. 

See dates below and click the registration button for the registration form.  Please note there are four different options available for course intent and if you need to show your certificate to any court for point reduction, court orders or reinstatement you must choose the correct option. This is a state regulated fee. 

  • Court Ordered/Points/Reinstatement/Traffic Violations/Insurance  $95



We are currently holding classes via zoom remotely and in person. Please see the dates, times and specific locations below for the most current offerings.

Chamblee/Brookhaven  In Person

Weekday Sessions Chamblee/Brookhaven

Classes is over two nights from 6pm-9pm

September 26th (Tues) and 28th (Thurs)

October 17th (Tues) and 19th (Thurs)


Roswell/Alpharetta  In Person

Saturday Session Roswell/Alpharetta

Class is from 9am-4pm



Weekday Sessions  Remote

Classes is over two nights from 6pm-9pm

September 26th (Tues) and 28th (Thurs)

October 24th (Tuesday) and 26th (Thurs)

November 28th (Tues) and 30th (Thurs)

December 26th (Tues) and 28th (Thurs)

Five people must be registered to hold the class. If we have to cancel, you will have the option to transfer for free or for a refund at that point. If you no show the day of class we do not offer refunds.

Saturday Sessions (Chamblee/Brookhaven)

Class is from 9am-4pm

September 23rd 2023

October 14th 2023




Saturday Sessions Remote

Classes is over one day from 9am-4pm

October 7th

November 4th

December 2nd


More than 41,000 people lose their lives in motor vehicle crashes each year and over 2 million more suffer disabling injuries, according to the National Safety Council. The triple threat of high speeds, impaired or careless driving and not using occupant restraints threatens every driver - regardless of how careful or how skilled. 

Driving Defensively means not only taking responsibility for yourself and your actions but also keeping an eye on

-----"the other guy"-----


The National Safety Council suggests the following guidelines to help reduce your risks on the road: 

  •  Don't start the engine without securing each passenger in the car, including children and pets. 

  •  Safety belts saves thousands of lives each year. 

  •  Lock all doors. 

  • Remember that driving too fast or too slow can increase the likelihood of collisions. 

  •  Don't kid yourself. If you plan to drink, designate a driver who won't drink. 

  •  Alcohol is a factor in almost half of all fatal motor vehicle crashes. 

  •  Be alert! If you notice that a car is straddling the center line, weaving, making wide turns, stopping abruptly or responding slowly to traffic signals, the driver may be impaired. 

  •  Avoid an impaired driver by turning right at the nearest corner or exiting at the nearest exit. 

  •  If it appears that an oncoming vehicle is crossing into your lane, pull over to the roadside, sound the horn and flash the lights. 

  •  Pull over and notify the police immediately after seeing a motorist who is driving suspiciously. 

  • Follow the rules of the road. Don't contest the "right of way" or try to race another car during a merge. 

  •  Be respectful of other motorists. 

  •  While driving, be cautious, aware and responsible.


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