Price List 2022


In Person and Via Zoom



  • Basic         30 & 6 $500.00

  • Bronze      30 & 8 $640.00

  • Silver        30 & 10 & includes Road Test $835.00

  • Gold          30 & 12  & includes Road Test $925.00

  • Platinum  30 & 20  & includes Road Test  $1475.00

  • Diamond  30 & 40 & includes Road Test $2475.00


In Car Behind the Wheel Lessons Only

2 hours                   $150.00

4 hours                   $280.00

6 hours                   $390.00

8 hours                   $515.00

10 hours                 $630.00

12 hours                 $750.00

20 hours                 $1200.00

30 hours                 $1750.00

40 hours                 $2200.00


Learner’s Permit and Private Tutoring


Virtual Classroom Only Option



Non-Classroom ROAD TESTS

Taken at the DDS  in our vehicle and including pick up and drop off by our instructor            

Within 25 miles

Including One Hour Refresher Lesson $300.00

Over 25 Miles including Refresher   $350.00


ROAD TESTS Taken at Nathan’s*           


$100.00 ($75.00 if both with initial package above)


2nd try  (must call to schedule and pay)

At Nathan’s with One hour refresher lesson and includes the road test retry $100.00


*Please see our road test services page for the requirements to take an onsite road test at Nathan’s


Senior Evaluations or Medical Evaluations      




Defensive Driving


 $95.00 Ticket (state regulated price)


Alive at 25                    




The GDEC (Georgia Driver’s Education Commission) has a scholarship that covers the entire 30/6 program. We encourage everyone to apply. See here  for more details on how to apply.


We accept all credit cards and use PayPal as our provider. We also accept cash and in-state checks.


Anyone that has financial need may speak with us about payment arrangements.


*We currently have a service fee for all programs other than DUI/DI due to the impact from the Covid Pandemic and the recovery and current labor shortage (reduced class size,  increased supply costs for cars, gas, insurance, wage increases, PPE and new requirements etc.). Please understand that we are a small family business and are trying to continue providing for our staff and our services to the community.


As of 1/2/2022