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Price List 2023


In Person and Via Zoom



  • Basic         30 & 6 $520.00

  • Bronze      30 & 8 $660.00

  • Silver        30 & 10 & includes Road Test $855.00

  • Gold          30 & 12  & includes Road Test $945.00

  • Platinum  30 & 20  & includes Road Test  $1495.00

  • Diamond  30 & 40 & includes Road Test $2495.00


In Car Behind the Wheel Lessons Only

2 hours                   $170.00

4 hours                   $300.00

6 hours                   $410.00

8 hours                   $535.00

10 hours                 $650.00

12 hours                 $770.00

20 hours                 $1220.00

30 hours                 $1770.00

40 hours                 $2220.00


Learner’s Permit and Private Tutoring 



Non-Classroom ROAD TESTS

Taken at the DDS  in our vehicle and including pick up and drop off by our instructor            

Within 25 miles

Including One Hour Refresher Lesson $320.00

Over 25 Miles including Refresher   $370.00


ROAD TESTS Taken at Nathan’s*           


$120.00 ($95.00 if both with initial package above)


2nd try  (must call to schedule and pay)

At Nathan’s with One hour refresher lesson and includes the road test retry $120.00


*Please see our road test services page for the requirements to take an onsite road test at Nathan’s


Senior Evaluations or Medical Evaluations      




Defensive Driving


 $95.00 Ticket (state regulated price)


Alive at 25                    




The GDEC (Georgia Driver’s Education Commission) has a scholarship that covers the entire 30/6 program. We encourage everyone to apply. See here for more details on how to apply.


We accept all credit cards and use PayPal as our provider. We also accept cash and in-state checks.


Anyone that has financial need may speak with us about payment arrangements.


*We currently have a service fee for all programs other than DUI/DI due to the impact from the Covid Pandemic (reduced class size, PPE, increased supply costs for cars, gas, insurance etc.). Please understand that we are a small family business and are trying to continue providing for our staff and our services to the community.


Rescheduling Fees


Within 72 Hours- $120.00

Classroom Make up or Change fee- $50.00

Classroom Cancellation fee if made within two weeks of registering $150.00 -

*If you miss more than 7 hours, you must start over and the re-instatement fee is $120.00

Re-instatement fee for purchases within two years but unused after one year- $120

No refunds for unused lessons or programs after one year for any reason


You must receive both a confirmation from Nathan's and from Paypal that you are registered for a confirmed spot for any program. If you are unable to pay online or did not get a confirmation from paypal, please call the office to confirm registration.

As of 11/1/2022

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