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Teenage and Adult Comprehensive Driver Education 
We are offering both virtual live and in person courses
Please read below for information regarding dates, locations and the registration process

If you have a teen that wants to learn to drive and get a license, you’ve come to the right place!  Or, are you an adult that needs a license—we can help you too!  Nathan’s offers a comprehensive driver’s training course and lessons in compliance with Georgia law and requirements.  And we are currently offering both virtual live and in person courses. Days and times are on the links below.














   Nathan's Driving School offers a comprehensive driver's education program. Our 30/6 program includes thirty (30) hours of classroom instruction and six (6) hours of behind the wheel lessons (the minimum required by state law). However, many students benefit from more time behind the wheel, so we also offer packages with additional hours.  (For recommendations of how many hours of behind the wheel are needed please click here.)
•    We also are certified to conduct road tests for the Department of Driver Services.  So, you can take the actual road test to get your license with us rather than dealing with the DDS.
•    All classes and in car lessons are taught by state licensed instructors.
•    The basic program satisfies the requirements of Georgia’s Joshua Law—which is mandatory for teens 17 and under.
•    If you have questions about teen driver’s education requirements, please click here for what every parent needs to know.

•    In Person Driver's Education is offered at our three locations—Chamblee, Roswell, or Brunswick)

•    When you click the Registration/Enroll button, you will see a list of the times and dates of the available classes at the different locations.  Please double-check your dates and location times before you finish your registration.  
•    If you are interested in a private or a custom class for dates or times not listed, please contact the office directly at or 770-454-9100.  We will do our best to accommodate the schedules of various groups of students (e.g., a sports  team who needs a class time that works with their practice/game schedule).



Recommendations for what to bring to class:
- Wear layers
- Water bottle
- Snack
- Lunch or money if you intend to go off location. (Students are responsible for themselves during lunch or any breaks)

Virtual Classes:
•    Our Virtual Live classes are for students who need or desire remote learning with a live instructor and other students to interact with. The curriculum for our Virtual Live program is the same as our in person classes. We use Zoom as our platform. You will get a Zoom invite the evening prior to the class via email.
•    For a virtual class you will need: (i) Internet access; (ii) a device such as a tablet or computer; (iii) audio on your device or headphones; (iv) something to take notes and write with


Most of your questions can be answered by

visiting our FAQs page and pricing section

Click Here to go to FAQ's

Click Here to go to Pricing

What Every Parent Needs to Know

Behind The Wheel Hour Recommendations

2 hours            -   Recommended for people who need just a refresher and/or an experience driving on Georgia roads

 4 hours            -    Recommended for drivers who have already had extensive practice and have specific requests (such as 

                                or highway driving)

 6 hours            -    Recommended for driver's who need basic skill practice, parking skill practice and who have driven before. Also  

                               required by DDS for students to take the state road test directly with us.

 8 hours             -  Recommended for people who need more practice with basic skills, parking skills, highway driving and test prep

 10 hours         - Recommended for novice drivers who have not driven before and need to learn car basics, the rules of the road

                            and a more comprehensive experience. This is the minimum we recommend for teenage drivers and includes time

                            or consultation with parent/guardian

 12 hours          - Recommended for people who need some extra time and practice beyond the minimum . Recommended for

                             international drivers who are new to driving in the United States.

 20 hours         - Recommended for new drivers who need all the basic skills, parking, highway driving, test prep and extensive

                           practice and more experiences (including night driving)

 30 hours          -Recommended for any student who is a novice driver and has specific needs and needs a lot of practice with the

                             safety and guidance from learning with a licensed instructor.

 40 hours        - Recommended for drivers who need more extensive practice over time in a consistent manner.  Recommended  

                            for students who will not have the opportunity to have extensive driving practice at home with family.

BTW Recommendations
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