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Learners Permit Tutoring

Nathan's Driving School has been helping students pass their Georgia written and oral tests to obtain their Learner's Permit. 

We offer two hour private one-on-one tutoring to help students pass their tests. All private tutoring is by appointment only in our offices unless otherwise specified. 

Register now by filling out the form below and call to schedule your appointment once you have registered. 

We also offer to take you an option to take you to the DDS office after your session to take your exam right after tutoring and can drop you off at home. We alot two hours for this. Any additional time or special requests for pick up will be charged at a rate of $40.00 per hour. Please note, all students under 18 will need a parental affidavit if you elect for us to take the students. Our in office notary can assist with this. 

Please also see the below link for DDS in regards to what you need to bring to obtain the permit.

We also offer large group tutoring for schools and other programs. Please contact us at 770-454-9100 or to for more information and to request this.

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