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Program Information

Nathan's Driving School has become part of the Together We Care Community and will offer driver education programs and services. Our programs are designed to create safe teenage and adult drivers who are able to become more independent by obtaining their drivers license.


Our programs are taught by state licensed instructors who are fully background checked and experienced. Nathan's Driving School offers our program for students with a wide variety of  exceptionalities and needs. Our instructors are patient, kind and understanding.  


Nathan's is one of Atlanta's oldest and most reputable driving schools. We opened in 1986 and are a multi generational family run business so we care about our students and hope they return with their own children someday. We understand that driving is a privilege and being able to safely helps create confidence and independence for our clients. 

We offer both behind the wheel only programs and packages that include the comprehensive in person class for teens. Please speak to your Together We Care case manager to see what programs you should sign up for. 


The basic classroom course is a combination of thirty (30) hours of class instruction (which can be in person or remote via zoom) and six (6) hours of private in-car instruction (additional in-car instruction time can be added). Students who successfully complete the basic course will earn a Certificate of Completion. A 30/6 Certificate is included for students who do the whole program including the min. of six hours behind the wheel in-car instruction. This classroom course also meets the requirements of the "Joshua Law" which went into effect on January 1, 2007. By meeting the Joshua Law requirement for students under 17.

Behind the Wheel lessons start with two hour increments per lesson and go up from there up to forty or more hours if needed.

Students who complete the minimum of six hours of behind the wheel lessons may also sign up to take the state road test with us as we are third party testers.

All behind the wheel lessons are completed in two hour increments, are private 1:1 and will start and end at Nathan's Driving School's main location, 5105 Peachtree Blvd. Chamblee, GA 30341

We are working with Together We Care and supporting students who have been granted lessons though the program. Please see the registration link below. This is a contract only (required by the state) and does not require payment. Will will invoice Together We Care.

For more information, feel free to contact us the Office (770) 454-9100, After Hours Cell (404)-409-4566 or email us at RE: Together We Care

For Rachel the Owner email

  • What does the classroom/behind the wheel program include?
    The program consists of 30 hours of classroom activities and 6 (or 8) hours of private in-car lessons. The State of Georgia's required Alcohol & Drug Awareness Program (or ADAP) is NOT part of this course because it is taught as part of the health course at your school. Certificates of Completion cannot be issued until all 30 hours of classroom activities have been completed, the final exam has been successfully passed, and the 6 or more hours of behind-the-wheel instruction have been completed. Students MUST attend the entire portion of the class. Do not register if you know you will be out, have to leave early or arrive late. This is not accepted. We only allow absences with a medical excuse from a doctor or for emergencies. You must make up any time missed and there is a $25 fee to schedule your makeup and it will be when there is availability within an upcoming class.
  • How much does the course cost?
    TEENAGE DRIVER EDUCATION PRICES In Person and Via Zoom Packages · Basic 30 & 6 $540.00 · Bronze 30 & 8 $680.00 · Silver 30 & 10 & includes Road Test $875.00 · Gold 30 & 12 & includes Road Test $965.00 · Platinum 30 & 20 & includes Road Test $1505.00 · Diamond 30 & 40 & includes Road Test $2499.00 In Car Behind the Wheel Lessons Only 2 hours $190.00 4 hours $320.00 6 hours $430.00 8 hours $555.00 10 hours $670.00 12 hours $790.00 20 hours $1240.00 30 hours $1790.00 40 hours $2240.00 Learner’s Permit and Private Tutoring $260.00 Non-Classroom ROAD TESTS Taken at the DDS in our vehicle and including pick up and drop off by our instructor Within 25 miles Including One Hour Refresher Lesson $340.00 Over 25 Miles including Refresher $390.00 ROAD TESTS Taken at Nathan’s* $140.00 ($100.00 if purchased with initial package above) 2nd try (must call to schedule and pay) At Nathan’s with One hour refresher lesson and includes the road test retry $140.00 *Please see our road test services page for the requirements to take an onsite road test at Nathan’s Senior Evaluations or Medical Evaluations $284.00 Defensive Driving $95.00 Ticket (state regulated price) Alive at 25 $85.00 The GDEC (Georgia Driver’s Education Commission) has a scholarship that covers the entire 30/6 program. We encourage everyone to apply. See here for more details on how to apply. We accept all credit cards and use PayPal as our provider. We also accept cash and in-state checks. Anyone that has financial need may speak with us about payment arrangements. *We currently have a service fee for all programs other than DUI/DI due to the impact from the last two years (pandemic, rising labor-fuel-vehicle costs, inflation). Please understand that we are a small family business and are trying to continue providing for our staff and our services to the community. As of 11/1/2023 Rescheduling Fees Within 72 business Hours (Monday-Friday 9am-3:00pm) - $140.00 (instead of $190.00) Classroom Make up or Change fee- $50.00 Classroom Cancellation fee if made within two weeks of registering $125.00 - *If you miss more than 24 hours, you must start over and the re-instatement fee is $140.00 Re-instatement fee for purchases within two years but unused after one year- $120.00 No refunds for unused lessons or programs after two years for any reason You must receive both a confirmation from Nathan's and from Paypal that you are registered for a confirmed spot for any program. If you are unable to pay online or did not get a confirmation from paypal, please call the office to confirm registration.
  • How old does the student have to be in order to enroll in the course?
    Students who are 14 and in 9th grade may register for the classroom. A student must be at least 15 years of age and have obtained their learners permit for the behind the wheel portions. Adults (+18) may register for any of the classroom or behind the wheel courses. You must have a learners permit to driver behind the wheel with us (and it must be on you at the time of the lesson or your lesson is forfeit). We do offer private learners permit tutoring for those who are interested and or need it to obtain their permit.
  • Does my student have to have his or her learner's permit before beginning the course?
    Although a student can take the classroom portion of the course prior to having his or her learner's permit, he or she MUST have his or hear permit before starting any of his or her in-car lessons.
  • How do I enroll for the course?
    For any of our programs, you enroll online directly from any of the service pages on the website via the registration forms. On the forms you select your date, package and any add-ons at that time. You must sign the online contract that you have read the terms and conditions and that you have confirmed your dates prior to your submission so please double check and read. You will receive two emails when you register. You must be confirmed via email from both Nathan's and PayPal that you have registered. If you are unable to pay online, or did not receive a confirmation from Paypal, please call the office and we will help. Any outstanding invoices or fees must be paid prior to taking a session or class. Please put the dates for your class and calendar on your schedule. We do not send out reminders and it is your responsibility to know what dates and times you are registered for. For behind the wheel lessons and road tests, you must call the office to schedule as these are based on your availability and instructor availability.
  • When can I enroll for the course?
    Enrollment for any session is available until the maximum number of students is reached or within twenty for hours prior to a class. For teenage drivers ed. students (seventeen years of age or younger), You must complete your classroom portion if registered first before scheduling your behind the wheel lessons if purchased as a package.
  • When do I pay for the course?
    Full payment must accompany any enrollment and is completed online via paypal through credit card. You do not have to have a Paypal account to do this. We also accept checks, cash and payment plans but this must be done in person with an office administrator.
  • What methods of payment are accepted?
    Credit card Paypal Check or Cash - in person at the office
  • Will I receive confirmation that the enrollment has been accepted?
    As soon as the completed enrollment form has been received, a receipt will be mailed to you. If the class in which you are enrolling in has reached the maximum number of students, your payment will be declined.
  • If I pay for the course and then decided not to take it, can I get a refund?"
    There is a $125 cancellation fee if made 2 weeks or more prior to the beginning of a session. Within 2 weeks of the beginning of a class no refund can be issued, however, you can reschedule for the following session for $25.00 No refunds will be issued if the student stops attending classes. You may transfer your unused behind the wheel lessons to a family member or friend, if it is within one year of your purchase.
  • How many students are in a class?
    The maximum number of students for any classroom depends on the location. Typically it is between 20-25 students. Early enrollment is encouraged. Please keep in mind that there must be at least 5 students enrolled for any session in order for the session to be held.
  • How long do I have to complete the course?
    Both courses must be completed within 12 months. If you do not complete, please understand that the remaining hours and the tuition paid will be forfeited, and that the student will not receive any credit for the course and no Certificate of Completion will be issued.
  • What if a classroom session is missed?
    All missed classroom sessions must be made up. If a student misses more than 7 1/2 hours of the classroom, then he or she MUST start the entire classroom portion of the course over from the beginning and pay an additional $100 fee. The classroom instructor will advise students who miss classroom sessions as to what they need to do do make up the missed sessions. Makeups are only available if there is room in an upcoming class. You may have to wait to make up your class.
  • How does the schedule for the behind-the-wheel lessons work?
    Once you have received confirmation of the acceptance of your enrollment, you may contact the main office at 770-454-9100 to schedule the behind-the-wheel lessons. The hours of behind-the-wheel lessons are scheduled in two-hour sessions. All lessons begin and end at our of our locations. We do offer private pick up for a travel fee. The sessions are strictly private (one student and one instructor), and are available 7 days a week, and are provided on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • What is a behind-the-wheel lesson is missed?
    Appointments for behind-the-wheel lessons must be cancelled 24 hours in advance or on a Friday prior to a Sunday or the student will be charged a rescheduling for of $100.00 for the 2-hour missed lesson. If within 72 hours the fee is $50.00. There is no charge if more than $72 for behind the wheel. Any fees must be paid PRIOR to any other scheduled lessons being taken or the missed lesson being re-scheduled. If a student habitually no shows, we reserve the right to dismiss the students and no refund will be given.
  • What if Nathan’s cancels a course?
    Nathan’s reserves the right to change the class schedule and or cancel classes due to lack of enrollment, instructor health issues or vehicle emergencies. You will be offered the option to switch classes or lessons with no fee. If this occurs. We will also give you the option for a full refund for all unused portions of your purchase if we cancel on you and you cannot or do not want to make up the day. We hold classes rain or shine and day or night. We will not hold lessons if the local school systems close due to weather related issues and will not charge to rescehdule but no refunds will be offered either (this also goes for Global Pandemics, terrorism or acts of war that are out of our control).
  • Once the student has successfully completed the driver education program, can he/she take his/her driving test at Nathan's Driving School?"
    As long as the student has had his or her permit for at least one year and one day, and has successfully completed the 30 hours of classroom and 6 of in-car lessons, then he/she can take their driving test with Nathan's Driving School. The test is given in a Nathan's Driving School car, and the tests are given even if it is raining - unlike the Dept of Driver Services locations. We offer the test on a limited schedule at our offices in Chamblee and in Roswell. You must schedule at least two weeks in advance for a road test. We do not offer refunds or cancellations within one week prior to the scheduled date as the state does not allow changes once we have submitted our roster to them which is due the week before road tests occur.
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